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Roof Tune-Up

A roof tune-up will address problems before they become issues. It gives you the heads-up to keep an eye on any  conditions that may cause larger maintenance issues down the road. A roof tune-up is a proactive maintenance practice  that every property manager should consider. It’s also necessary before roof replacement can begin. We inspect the  condition of roofing at your property to identify problems and fix what we can on the spot. Roof tune-ups may include the  removal of debris from the rooftop and gutters, replacement of damaged or missing shingles, elimination of nail pop ups,  gutter inspection, moss and algae inspection, leak analysis, inspection of flashing, pipe collars and vents, and inspection of  attics or crawlspaces for leaks or water stains.

Roof Maxx®

Think you need a new roof? Think again. Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding is a Roof Maxx contractor and it’s a service  we offer to commercial properties. Roof Maxx is a soy-based all-natural solution that’s safe for people, pets, and the  environment. Once applied, Roof Maxx can add 5 to 15 years of life to your asphalt shingles, and that’s guaranteed. When  shingles start to age, they can become dry and brittle from exposure to the elements. Roof Maxx penetrates deep into the  coating of your shingles to renew the waterproofing capabilities and to improve the appearance of an aging roof. We will let  you know if Roof Maxx can add a few more years to your roof. Roof Maxx is an affordable alternative to roof replacement, and  it reduces roof debris in our landfills. 

Roof Shampoo®

Improve the look of your property with a rejuvenating Roof Shampoo. Pollution, weather, pollen, debris, algae, moss, and  other environmental factors can cause asphalt roofing to stain and look dull. Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding offers Roof  Shampoo® for commercial properties. Roof Shampoo® is a non-bleach, green, eco-friendly, low pressure cleaning process  for asphalt roofing. Roof Shampoo uses a soap that is specially formulated and buffered to be safe on all asphalt and  fiberglass shingles. It will not harm landscaping around your buildings, and it is 100% effective in removing roof stains. Roof  Shampoo can improve the look of your property from the curb. It does not use high pressure, scrubbing or brushing, which  can damage shingles, and it is safe for the environment.

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