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Adam Quenneville Receives National Recongnition!

Photograph Of A Residential Street Of Detached Houses

May 24, 2010 Springfield – Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding & Windows, the leader in residential and commercial roofing in Western MA and Northern, CT, has received national recognition in THE COMPASS Magazine.  THE COMPASS delivers monthly columns from the foremost industry experts in the fields of training, marketing, motivation, and more.  In addition, THE COMPASS highlights the most accomplished contractors in the country and in the latest issue featured Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding & Windows as the cover story.

Labeled as an “innovator” and “revolutionary roofer” Adam Quenneville…the man is determined to make Adam Quenneville…the company a different kind of roofing, siding and window company.  One such difference is the announcement of the companies green initiative, “We’re a green company; we’ve recycled over two million pounds of roofing shingles.”  One of the companies’ goals is to save the planet one roof at a time.  When removing a roof, the metal, paper, plastic, tar, and shingles are all separated.  The materials are taken to a recycler who grinds it up, separates the nails again and uses the leftover product, which are quarter-sized or smaller chunks to mix with asphalt and pave roads. The average weight of materials recycled from the re-roof of a 2,000 square-foot house is 10,000 pounds. “Most households will never recycle that much trash ever; we do it with one job in one day,” Adam stated.

Adam Quenneville is giving back to those who care for our community with the AQ Cares Roof Giveaway
AQ Cares Roof Giveaway!