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AQRS Supports Empty Arms Bereavement Support

Empty Arms Bereavement Support Donation Letter

Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding is honored to contribute to this important organization.

“Empty Arms Bereavement Support, Inc., recognizes the devastation that the loss of a baby at any gestation can cause in a family’s life and seeks to provide a variety of supportive environments where parents can speak truthfully about their experiences and emotions. We believe that healing comes through understanding what we have been through and what lies ahead, which allows us to begin to integrate our losses into who we are.

We respect that each person’s journey is uniquely challenging in its own right. We embrace the many forms that grief can take: whether that be sadness, anger, confusion, or intermittent peace. We believe each person should follow the path that is right for him or her. We believe that as a community of bereaved parents, we can help each other to find the inner wisdom and courage we need to survive such tragedy.

Our secondary purpose is to provide opportunities for the providers who care for the bereaved to become more compassionate caregivers. Through in-service trainings, professional development seminars and cooperative care for the bereaved, Empty Arms strives to ensure that those who suffer losses in the future will be well cared for by a compassionate, well-trained staff.”


Empty Arms Bereavement Support donation letter