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AQRS advises Western Mass news on storm preparations

In advance of Tuesday’s storm, WGGB’s Dan Brown talked to local experts, including AQRS Head of Operations Dustin Peters:
“Snow removal from the bottom of your roof, making sure gutters are clean, chimneys, pipes, any weak point on the roofs; make sure there’s no snow there so that when it rains the water has somewhere to go is going to be huge for homeowners not having water going in their home,” advised Peters.

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Signs of a roof problem

    Missing or damaged shingles
    Missing or damaged gutters
    Missing or damaged flashing
    Clogged vents or roof fixtures
    Leaks or water stains in attic
    Leaks or water stains on interior
    Sunlight streaming through attic
    Drips or puddles near chimney
    Dripping sounds in walls or ceilings
    Indoor moisture, mold or mildew
    Water in the basement

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