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911 Roof Giveaway Winners Announced!

911 Roof Giveaway For First Responders And Law Enforcement Officials - Enter To Win A FREE GAF ROOF, Roof Maxx Or Roof Shampoo

Adam Quenneville is proud to announce the winners of their 911 Roof Giveaway for First Responders and Law Enforcement Officials!

“Thank you to every first responder and law enforcement official who entered our contest. We appreciate everything you do, and it is always our pleasure to give back to those who serve us well,” stated Adam.

The winner of the Roof Shampoo was Olivia Daly of the Pittsfield Police Department.

The winner of the RoofMaxx asphalt shingle revitalization treatment was David Shea, a Northampton Nurse from Turners Falls.

And finally, the winner of a new GAF roof was Officer Tom Dore of the Holyoke Police Department! Officer Dore responded, “Being a police officer, I am thrilled to have won the Adam Quenneville 911 Roof Giveaway! It’s great to have a local company show their appreciation for first responders and law enforcement in such a generous way!”

Congratulations to our three winners and thank you again to the first responders and law enforcement officials of Western Massachusetts.