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The Solution

Meet Jimmie. Last fall while watching the Patriots game on a Sunday afternoon, he put the clicker down and went outdoors to stretch his legs. While walking down the driveway to get his newspaper, he looked up at his roof. He noticed that his shingles looked faded and stained, and the color was dull and lifeless. The thought of a total roof replacement worried Jimmie. He had hoped to get a new truck this year, his kid was in college, and he didn’t plan on paying for a roof. He tucked the newspaper under his arm and waved to his neighbor Joe.

Jimmie noticed that Joe’s shingles looked better than his own shingles and they both had new roofs installed in the same year. He walked over to Joe who was raking leaves. “Hey, Joe. Doing a little yard work at half time?” Joe tipped his Patriots cap. “I just noticed that your roof looks so much better than mine,” said Jimmie. “but our roofs are the same age. What’s your secret?” Joe put the rake down and handed Jimmie a card out of his wallet. Joe held up the rake and shouted, “Go Pats!”

It’s true. Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding offers Roof Maxx® , the perfect solution for residential and commercial properties. It’s a revolutionary new technology that applies 100% natural plant-based bio-oil to your asphalt shingles to make them more flexible and waterproof. It makes shingles look newer again.

Think you need a new roof? Think again. These are the words of Adam Quenneville. Roof Maxx® instantly adds FIVE YEARS of life to your roof, guaranteed! It also offers three possible treatments (one every five years) to extend the life of your existing roof for up to FIFTEEN YEARS!

How much does Roof Maxx® cost? You’ll be happy to know that this treatment typically costs only 20% of what you would pay for a total roof replacement, depending on the size of your roof. Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding offers free estimates.

Does Roof Maxx® affect the environment? Roof Maxx® will not only save your roof, but it may even help to save the planet. The process uses a food-grade bio-oil that is completely safe for people, pets, property and environment. It’s a USDA certified biobased product. It also keeps shingles out of the landfills for a longer period of time. Roofing waste generally makes up about 10% of construction waste in our landfills. It creates 13.5 million tons of waste every year. Applying this solution to just one house will eliminate 3.8 tons of waste from the landfill, 80 kg of CO2 emissions and 1420 kg of CO2 emissions form shingle manufacturing.

Is your roof ready for Roof Maxx®? Check your gutters and downspouts. The small sandy granules that coat your shingles contain oil. Once your shingles are weathered, the oil may dry out and you will see granules in your gutters and downspouts. Look closely at your shingles for black stains, streaks, cracks, breaks or curling. Of course, going up to your roof is dangerous and it should be done only by a professional. Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding will perform a free inspection to let you know if Roof Maxx® will work for your roof. The inspection will also determine if you have any leaks or issues that need repair.

How long does the process take? The first step during your appointment is a roof tune-up to fine tune any problems and get your roof ready for the application. The second step is to apply the Roof Maxx® treatment to your shingles. The application process usually takes approximately two hours.

Is Roof Maxx® for commercial properties too? Absolutely, Roof Maxx® is ideal for condominium and apartment properties, or large roofs with asphalt shingles. It can delay a total roof replacement for five years, or even 15 years with regular treatments. If you’re a property manager, it will help you preserve your roof until you’re ready for replacement.

How do I get started? Contact Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding for a free estimate. Call or text 413-536-5955 or call toll-free 855-552-6273. Reserve an appointment now for the upcoming season.

Will the Patriots win the title this year? Jimmie and Joe are hoping the Pats have their own winning solution for the upcoming season! Go Pats!

Blog by Deborah O’Neill, Allen Media, Inc.

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