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Some Dirt About Your Dirty Roof

Cleaning A Dirty Roof

It’s cleaning day at your house. You dust and vacuum. You wash the floors. You clean the bathroom. You scrub the sinks. You may even go outside and tidy up the lawn. But when’s the
last time you washed your roof? It could be stained, dirty, grubby, gross or covered with algae.

Don’t get any crazy ideas. If you go up there with a mop and bucket, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. But if you call Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding for a Roof Shampoo®, you’ll have the cleanest roof on the street and you’ll be the envy of your neighbors.

Many do-it-yourself products are toxic to your landscaping and are proven ineffective for removing many stains. Shampooing your own roof can also be dangerous and it’s best to rely on professionals. Roof Shampoo® is a green, eco-friendly roof cleaning system for asphalt and fiberglass shingles that leaves your roof completely stain free. It does not contain harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach or phosphates. Roof Shampoo® uses eco-friendly cleaning products that gently rid your roof of all ugly stains, and it’s safe for the landscaping and plants around your home. The before and after photos are amazing.

The Dirty Truth: Why is your roof a grubby mess in the first place? The color of the stains and the location of the stains can help solve the puzzle!

RED OR BROWN STAINS: These stains generally appear near your metal roof flashings, chimney, vents or other metal roof fixtures. Red or brown stains can be caused by metal that has oxidized enough to produce a rusty residue. The metals from your chimney, and the smoke and soot, are all contributing factors. Roof Shampoo® will get rid of the stains. To prevent them from happening again, you can treat the metal with rust preventative.

BLACK OR YELLOW STAINS: Black or yellow stains or streaks on your shingles are usually caused by algae or fungus. They often appear on the shaded sections of your roof where water and sun mix to cause organic growth. Algae is not always harmful to your roof, but it could lead to leaking and it ruins the appearance of your roof. If black stains are located near your chimney, they could be caused by soot. If they are under a tree branch, the stains may be caused by falling tree debris. It’s a good idea to remove branches over your roof.

LICHEN AND MOSS: Do you see small patches of blue-green or white-green patches on your roof? How about moss? These growths are the same things you see growing on rocks and logs in the woods. Lichens can latch on to your shingles so hard that they can actually cause pitting or loosen the granules of your shingles. Moss holds the water and can cause rotting or water damage. It’s a good idea to remove both of them with Roof Shampoo®.

WHITE OR YELLOW STAINS: Your air conditioner can cause hard water buildup on your roof. You generally notice these stains underneath upper AC units. These stains are easily removed with a professional Roof Shampoo®.

It’s a day at the spa for your roof: Roof Shampoo® is like a day at the spa for your roof with long-lasting benefits. Your roof will be treated to a gentle ultra-light low-pressure wash with bubbles. A special Sprinkler-Disc Rinse System will massage and cleanse your asphalt and fiberglass shingles with spinning water jets. A gentle cleanser will loosen every bit of residue until every stain is removed. Your shingles will look refreshed and rejuvenated, and all the stains will be gone. Roof Shampoo® is completely safe for all roofs because there is no high-pressure washing, scrubbing or brushing.

Save shingles and singles: Roof Shampoo® can actually save your shingles and save you some cash. A roof with dark streaks can absorb heat and create a hotter attic. This raises your cooling costs and puts a strain on your cooling system because your roof can no longer efficiently reflect sunlight. This causes moisture retention and moisture can cause shingles to deteriorate. Cleaning your roof will cost a fraction of what a roof replacement would cost. It’s a wise choice.

Own the cleanest roof on the block: Roof Shampoo® restores the life and beauty of your original roof. You won’t believe how dirty your roof really was once you see the results. If you’re selling your home, a roof shampoo may be recommended by your realtor because it adds curb appeal. A dirty roof can make your house look old and run down. Roof Shampoo® can make your roof look almost new again.

Your Roof Shampoo® professional is Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding anywhere in New England. Text or email 413-536-5955 to make a Roof Shampoo® appointment or contact us here.
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Blog by Deborah O’Neill, Allen Media, Inc.