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Roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal Services

With all of the snow that we have received in New England, it is always good to keep your roof snow-free! One main reason as to why you should keep the snow away is to prevent ice dams from forming. Another reason is to keep the excess weight off your roof to prevent it from caving. But how do you know if snow removal is necessary?

The best way to determine if snow removal is necessary is by how much snow has built up. After 6 inches of snowfall you should begin removing it from your roof (every roof is different).

There are a couple ways of removing snow from your roof. Two popular ways are by shoveling and raking the snow. This all depends on how big your roof is, how tall your house is, how much snow your roof has and whether that snow is heavy or light. Roof-raking is generally an ongoing, winter-long task that will keep snow off your roof. Roof-raking isn’t the best option when the snow is wet, heavy or has hardened. Shoveling the snow helps pick up where roof-raking leaves off. If a storm drops a lot of snow, if the snow is heavy, or if you roof is too large/tall than this is the method for you.

No matter the method, we always ask you to give us a call and we can give you a free estimate!