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Roofing Preparations

Our crew starts early, and your driveway and yard will be transformed into a small construction site until the job is complete. We will cover your shrubs and foundation plants to protect them from falling shingles and debris. Please prepare the day before by following these suggestions:

1) Move all vehicles out of the garage and off the driveway before we arrive. Park on the street if it’s possible, or at a neighbor’s house so you don’t get blocked in.

2) Remove all hanging or potted plants, bird feeders, chimes, decorations, outdoor furniture, picnic tables, fountains, and statuary that is within 30 feet of your foundation, so it does not get damaged.

3) Keep pets and children indoors during construction. Keep everyone away from our vehicles, tools, and equipment during construction, and when our crew leaves at night.

4) Remove fragile decorations, pictures and valuables from your interior walls and shelves because the roofing process can produce vibrations that may cause items to fall.

5) Notify next door neighbors that your home is being roofed because it can get a little noisy. If possible, bring pets to another location because the banging and vibrations may make them nervous.

6) After construction, we use sweepers and magnets to pick up debris in your grass and around your shrubs. It

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What is a "roofing system"?

A roofing system refers to all the options and elements that go into the “roof over your head” and include stylistic options and structural options. These elements and options are thoroughly reviewed during our meeting with you. Our experienced specialists strive to answer all questions and make sure you are comfortable with our process, which has been refined over the years to ensure successful projects and satisfied customers! We welcome questions and whether you work with Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding or another company make sure you ask the right ones of every roofing company you speak with. For examples of questions to ask, click here.

Protection from the elements. We only use the highest quality roofing products to effectively protect you and your home from the weather.

Replacement or repair?

You may be asking yourself, “Maybe I do not need a new roof, but rather a repair?” At Adam Quenneville we do not hesitate to share when you only need a repair rather than a replacement. Our objective is to give you what you need – not oversell a new roof to you. But this question cannot be answered without a thorough inspection and discussion.

Click here to learn more about roof repair.

Ice Dams

If you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing large ice formations on your roof, the problem may be causing water damage to your commercial property. To learn more click here.

Storm Damage

Regardless of the quality of your roofing and how well you look after it, certain circumstances – wind, hail, falling trees – may lead to severe enough damage to require a roof replacement quickly to avoid further, much more costly damage. Sometimes storm-related damage can be resolved with a repair and sometimes that repair should be done quickly to avoid worse harm to your roof and your home. Only an inspection can determine the severity of your roof’s condition and the urgency.

If you believe storm damage may be the cause of your roofing issue please visit our Storm Damage Department.

Storm Damage Restoration. We can quickly and efficiently restore your home to pre-loss condition after sustaining storm damages.
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