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Monster in the Mountains

“It took 63,666 shingles, 381,996 nails, 26,199 feet of underlayment, 42 days, a million-dollar telescopic handler, and 10 roofers from Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding to tackle a monster.” Adam Quenneville is proud to be featured in the latest issue of Condo Media magazine, relating the story of the 100,000-square-foot roofing job they recently completed…

Project Spotlight – Mother Nature Was Boss

$4.2 million envelope project was seamless for Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding — except for the weather! By Deborah O’Neill for CAI Magazine It was just another morning of construction at Fox Meadow Condominiums in Leominster, Mass. One of the crew hopped onto the Bobcat to do some drilling. Little did he know when he…

Wind Damage Siding Repair

Challenge Our customer reached out to us for repairs to his siding after some damage from heavy winds. Solution After finding a great match for their siding, we sent our crew out to make the repairs! Good as new!

This dirty roof in Three Rivers came out great with our roof cleaning process – Roof Shampoo!

Challenge To make this dirty roof look like new again by removing all the algae, moss and lichen. Solution Our Roof Shampoo Service was a great solution to removing the algae that was staining this roof!

Referral letter from Toby Cohn Family Investments LPI have been requested by Steve [Minkler] to give you a letter of recommendation for the work that you have provided us with over the past years at our apartment complexes. This I will gladly do, as well as also giving my verbal recommendations, to any potential customers of Quenneville Roofing.

We have been involved with Quenneville Roofing, as a subcontractor at our properties for over 15 years. Over those years Adam and Steve (Quenneville Roofing) have reroofed all 25 building at Colonial Village Apartments, as well as 4 of our buildings at Presidential Apartments. I have always been exceptionally happy with the work that Quenneville Roofing has done for us at our properties reroofing our buildings, as well as the very competitive pricing that they have offered us.

The most impressive thing that Quenneville Roofing has done is to compete the re-roofing of our multifamily buildings in ONE day. Adam’s crew arrives early in the morning, strips the old roofing off of the roof, repairs the roof as required, reroofs the entire building, and cleans the entire area before leaving, all within the scope of ONE days work. Our residents/tenants are very happy because there is no inconvenience at the building they live in as all work is completed in one day, and more importantly there is no mess, garbage, nails, or any other construction material left on the job when Adam’s crew leaves for the day after the job is completed. (more…)

This is by far one of the best companies I have worked with. Not that I have had to hire a roofing company before but the over all business standards and values of this company are incomparable. I received a quote within a week of calling, they scheduled the work within a month, (I was not in a major rush). There ended up being an unexpected issue once they removed the layer of shingles. Come to find out my roof only had slats, not plywood like most roofs. (my home was built in 1890). I received a call right away from the owner, he explained the situation in detail and had a solution. He was able to have the plywood material there that same day so there was no delay with the roof replacement. Clearly the additional material and the unexpected extra work came with a price. The additional cost for what they had to do last minute was extremely reasonable. They were even able to help me get financial support as this extra cost was not within my budget. The quality of their work and materials they use are evidence of what makes this a great company. I have, and will continue to refer this company to friends and family. Thank you Quenneville Roofing for making this project seamless for me.

These guys are the best!

I live in southern Vermont and after struggling to find a reasonable cost good roofer I expanded my search to MA. That’s when I discovered Adam Quennville roofing. I hired them and they completed my roof a year ago. Everything went great, they did everything they said they would and more! The Crew was professional and communicated well. Highly recommended!

Today I notice a small leak around a plumbing vent stack. I called, they answered, spoke to Steve, he told me someone would contact me. Less that an hour later Chris P. the service manager calls to give me a timeframe. They arrive just hours after my only call.!!! Amazing!!

Chris and his help arrive to address my issue! They got up on roof and it …Turns out it was the pipe leaking and not the roof. My issue! But they still treated it as theirs!! They sealed around the pipe on the outside and installed a pipe cap I had.

How you are treated after the jobs done and they are paid speaks volumes on the type of company Adam is running!

Chris and his crew are great! If your doing a roof .. hire this company !!

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