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Metal Roofs: Durable, Sustainable, Beautiful

Make an investment in your home that truly lasts a lifetime! Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding is a proud installer of metal roofing systems. And if you think metal is just for commercial buildings, think again – we have come a long way since the old “tin hut” days. Made in a wide variety of colors and designs, our metal roofs are not only strikingly beautiful, they are energy efficient and will outlast the lifespan of most other roofing materials. Backed by a 50-year, transferable warranty, this is the last roof you will ever need.

We are proud to partner with Tamko to provide only the highest-quality options in metal shingles.


Metal is one of the fastest-growing segments in the roofing industry for one reason: People recognize value. Unlike asphalt, fiberglass and many composite roofing materials, metal roofs are largely unaffected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and freeze-thaw cycles and will not rot, crack or crumble. This means it will stand up to rain, high winds, and heavy snow — and still look beautiful — long after other roofing materials have been replaced.


Can a roof save energy? You bet. All of our metal roofing materials are Energy Star qualified and have been rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). Steel shingles are also about as “green” as any roofing material can be. They are 100-percent recyclable at the end of their service lives. No other roofing material offers that kind of resource conservation. Plus, unlike other metal roofs, Metalworks shingles are approved for reroofing – they can be installed over up to two existing layers of asphalt shingles (subject to local building codes).


Steel shingles can mimic the look of slate, tile, or wood, making them the perfect complement to nearly every residential style. Our roofing shingles and accessories are available in a wide range of styles and colors — all offering beauty that will last for generations.

Barn Before Roof Replacement Barn After Metal Roof Installation

This Western Mass barn is set for life with a brand new metal roof installed by Adam Quenneville!

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Correcting Misconceptions About Metal Roofs

Although metal roofs have been around for thousands of years, only a small percentage of today’s homeowners have lived under them. Which means there are a lot of misconceptions about metal roofing.

  • Noise: You’ve probably been in an old barn or pole building with a metal roof and noticed how loud rainfall can be on it. But residential metal roofs are installed over solid decking and underlayment — making it no more noisy than any other roofing material.
  • Lightning: Lightning doesn’t care what kind of material it strikes — it’s looking for the highest point in its path, whether it’s metal, asphalt or wood. A metal roof won’t attract lightning any more than any other roofing material. It does, however, offer you additional protection against lightning — in two ways:
    • The high conductivity of the metal and large surface area of the roof can diffuse the strike’s energy, minimizing the initial impact of the strike.
    • A lightning strike will usually cause wood or asphalt roofing to immediately combust; in fact, most lightning damage is caused by the ensuing fire. The nonflammability of a metal roof helps prevent that fire from starting.
  • Weight: Many people think metal roofs are heavy. But the strong, thin, steel sheets are actually 50 percent lighter than most asphalt shingles — and 75 percent lighter than most tile, slate or concrete-fiber shakes.
  • Rust: Metal roofing is protected by galvanization with sophisticated anti-corrosion alloys, and by state-of-the-art color coating systems. The products we use all carry industry-leading warranties against rust.
  • Heat: Metal roofs get hot — just like any other roofing material. But many of the paint colors available help reflect solar heat. And metal roofing releases solar heat faster than traditional asphalt shingles.

What About Cost?

A metal roof is a substantial investment. But it’s an investment with much higher dividends:

Lifespan:  Our metal roofs have a 50-year, transferable warranty. How many asphalt roofs are you going to have to buy over the next half century?

Resale Value: Calculate the impact on your resale value. Your roof accounts for as much as 40% of your home’s curb appeal. A metal roof can increase your resale value by about $1.45 per square foot — while an asphalt roof may be considered a resale liability.

Insurance Discounts: Many homeowners insurance carriers offer premium discounts for metal roofs. Unlike asphalt shingles or wood shakes, a metal roof will not catch fire, even if burning embers fall on it.

Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding also works with homeowners to find the best financing solution – we offer no-payment and no-interest options for up to 12 months.

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Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding is a third generation roofing company with decades of experience in the construction industry. We pride ourselves in our work and the quality products and services that we provide. We have partnered with Englert for all metal roofing products because they are an industry leader whose products provide unsurpassed protection, durability and efficiency.

Our goal is to please and our customers agree – we have hundreds of great reviews on Google, Home Advisor, Guild Quality and the BBB – and we are proud winners of the BBB Torch Award.

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