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Gutters and Gutter Covers

When it rains it pours and it’s always easier to enjoy the pitter patter of rain on your roof when you have a new or improved gutter system in place.

Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding knows the science of roofing and uses that knowledge to determine which gutters would work best on your house. Aluminum gutters are durable, long-lasting, stylish, and their function is to catch the water and direct it away from your foundation. A great gutter system will also include gutter covers to keep debris from collecting and clogging the waterflow. Gutter covers mean you don’t have to clean the leaves out of your gutters every fall. They also help to prevent ice dams from building up during the winter.

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How to Check Your Gutters For Damage

Go outdoors to look at your house where your gutters are in view. If you live in a tall house, use a pair of binoculars so you don’t have to climb a ladder. Look for missing or damaged gutter sections. Check the gutter straps to make sure they still attached. Check your gutter sections for bends, holes, cracks, or separated seams. Check your end caps, elbows, and downspouts. If you have leaf screens, are they still in place, damaged or missing? On a rainy day, watch how the water flows down your roof, through the gutters and out of the downspout. Does the water flow smoothly or is it blocked? Does water flow over the top of the gutter? If you expect any issues, ask us to take a closer look. We can show you some great solutions.

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