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As TrexPRO Gold Certified Installers, we can help you create a fantastic usable outdoor space with Trex composite decking. Designed with lasting beauty, incredible durability, and easy maintenance, Trex® high-performance composite decking is proven to outperform and outlast the rest. Trex maintains its vibrant color and luxurious finish – even after scorching sun, wine spills or scraping furniture pieces – thanks to its unyielding shell technology.

Composite decking has come a long way over the past two decades. Trex has evolved it by engineering the most significant breakthrough in composite technology—the Trex high-performance, weather-resistant shell. Without it, early-generation composites don’t come close to the fade & stain resistance that Trex high-performance boards guarantee. And not just for the first year, but for 25 long, glorious years. And unlike PVC decking, which is mostly produced from virgin plastic, the ultra-green Trex board is made with 95% recycled materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

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Roof repair vs.
roof replacement

“I’m not sure whether to go ahead with roof repairs or simply to replace my roof. What should I do?”

That’s a good question, and a very common one. Spot repairs can certainly be a good short-term solution, but at a certain point, it makes more sense to replace a roof than to continue spending money on roof repairs. Here are some factors that can help you decide whether to replace your roof or continue with spot repairs.


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