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Common Roofing Problems

Wind damage – High winds can blow shingles, underlayment, flashings, and fixtures off your roof, especially on the side  exposed to the wind. HOW WE FIX IT: We can replace missing shingles, entire sections of the roofing, but depending on the  amount of damage on any commercial roof, we may recommend a total roof replacement. 

Tree damage – Falling branches and trees can cause structural damage from small punctures to complete collapse. When  left on the roof, they can scrape your shingles. HOW WE FIX IT: We will determine if repairs can be made or if a roof  replacement is the best solution. We suggest removing branches and debris from your roof to prevent damage. 

Dry old shingles – As shingles age, they lose their flexibility and dry out. Dry shingles can become bald, crack, bend or curl  and pieces can break off. Shingles can also lose the granular coating on their surface, or nails will pop out. HOW WE FIX IT:  We take the age and condition of a commercial roof into consideration to determine if repairs or replacement are  necessary. We may also recommend Roof Maxx® to add 5 to 15 years to the life of your roof, guaranteed.

Roof leaks – Roof leaks are one of the most common roofing problems for commercial properties, and they can be difficult  to detect on multi-unit buildings without indoor inspection. If water stains appear on interior ceilings or walls, or in attics or  crawlspaces, your roof may develop leaks. Damaged flashings or shingles can let water seep in. HOW WE FIX IT: We find the  source of leaks by checking rooftops, attics, crawlspaces, and ceilings. Our recommendations are based on the extent of the  leak and the damage that has occurred. 

Flashing problems – Metal roof flashing is an important part of commercial roofing system because it protects against water  infiltration by providing a seal where there is a roof joint, chimney, vent, or intersection of two roof surfaces. If flashings are  missing, bent or damaged, they will not keep the water out. HOW WE FIX IT: We can replace flashings to correct the  problem. 

Damaged Gutters – Gutters and downspouts direct water away from your foundation. If gutters are non-existent, crushed,  bent, missing, or clogged by debris, the water will spill over the edge and saturate the ground near your property’s  foundation. HOW WE FIX IT: We will introduce you a commercial gutter system that will direct water where it belongs.  Gutter covers will keep debris out so rainwater doesn’t get backed up. 

Roof Ventilation – Attics and crawlspaces need to breathe but damaged, clogged, or missing roof vents won’t allow air to  circulate. This causes condensation in your attic or crawlspace and moisture can cause mold to form. Damaged vents that  are not properly screened allow insects and animals to get in. HOW WE FIX IT: We inspect and fix vent issues to make sure  ventilation is adequate for the size of the space and that it has the proper flow. 

Layered shingles – If your former roof replacements were done by installing new roofing over old roofing, your property  may be plagued by problems ranging from uneven shingles to roofing that is too heavy for the frames of your buildings.  HOW WE FIX IT: We will remove all layers of roofing and start with a fresh new roof. Layering shingles is not recommended.