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Roof Ice Dam Diagram

Ice Dams

It’s that time of year again where you should take precautions for protecting your roof. Winter weather can cause a lot of damage to your roof. One common way damage is done is by ice dams. Ice dams are formations of ice, which can create a large, massive pond of water behind the blockage. These…
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Home With Replacement Shingles

Tips for the Cold Weather

With the Winter Weather coming you should always pay attention to possible threats to your home. As heavy snow builds up and melts there are some precautions that you should take. You should watch for accumulation on the leeward side of the higher-level roof. (Always contact a roofing contractor for a referral for a safe…
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New Home With New Roof And New Shingles

Expert Tips On Your Roofing Estimate

   Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer. Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding & Windows opened in 1996 and over the many years of our experience it has taught us the best solutions to many roofing problems. We have many different services which include: roof replacement, roof repair & maintenance,…
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AQRS Truck

Why Should You Get a Roof Shampoo®?

GREAT Reasons to get a Roof Shampoo® To stop the damage that the roof staining organisms are doing to your roof. Roof staining organisms can eat through your shingles causing wood rot. Wood rot allows moisture to get through and creates an environment hospitable to mold growth in your home. Your insurance company can cancel…
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Roof Shampoo Services Truck

Adam Quenneville Roof Shampoo® Commercial

Have you had a chance to see our Roof Shampoo® commercial? Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding & Windows uses a roof cleaning product called Roof Shampoo®, an eco-friendly solution for asphalt and fiberglass shingles. Roof Shampoo® is a smarter cleaning method that does not use harmful bleach or phosphates and does not require the use of high…
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Houses With Roofs


Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding & Windows has been in our community for over 20 years. Recently Adam launched a new division – Roof Shampoo®. To learn more about the product click here: You have seen a roof that is all black and stained or has mold or algae visibly growing on it. Well these…
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Roof Shampoo Services Logo

Roof Shampoo® and It’s Benefits

You may have noticed green or dark stains and streaks on your roof. And you may have begun to dread the cost of getting a new roof, when all you really need is a good roof cleaning! At Adam Quenneville Roofing, Siding & Windows, Our roof cleaning technicians use the Roof Shampoo® rinsing system and…
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