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This Is A Photo Of The Roof Repair At The Fox Condominiums In Leominster MA.

What Property Managers Think About

When you go to school to become a property manager, you learn about long-term leasing and property rentals. You study tenant behavior and relationships from move in to move out. You learn about risks and procedures and how your decisions…

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Duro-Last Master Contractor

Did They Say TOP 23%?

Looking for commercial roofing that will withstand just about anything? There’s a contractor right here in New England who has earned his place in the Top 23% of Duro-Last contractors in the country! Duro-Last Roofing, headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, has…

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Roof Maxx Hooks A SHARK!

Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding has been a big fan of the Roof Maxx product since the very beginning, so we were excited to learn that Roof Maxx announced a partnership with Shark Tank’s original Shark, Kevin Harrington. “What Roof…

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