Common Causes of Storm Damage

Damaged Roof Shingles from storm

High wind

Basic wind speeds in the continental U.S. are 100 mph and higher, yet many “bargain-priced” shingles are only warranted for 60 mph winds.More than 60$ of homes in the U.S. are vulnerable to damage from high winds generated by storms and heavy rains. Wind damage is common, and your home may be at risk!


Hailstones vary in size, shape, and hardness and can create a random pattern of dents or depressions. After some time, clusters of granules may come off (at the point of impact) in a random pattern and expose the asphalt. This can cause further damage to your roof if left untreated.

Roof with Hail Damage Requiring Repairs
Rain Gutter pipeline installation

Standing water

Standing water occurs on flat roofs or when gutters are too clogged to let water drain properly. If standing water on your roof doesn’t drain or dissipate, it causes the roofing materials to soften and weaken. Eventually it could cause the roof to sag, lead to leaks and possibly roof collapse if too much water collects.


Debris on your roof can range from tree branches to lawn furniture after a severe storm. If not taken care of properly, these debris could lead to interior roof leaks, moss and mold, roof rot, and also encourages small animals to nest.

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