Skylights are overhead windows, often in a roof, that allow sunlight to filter inside any enclosed area; they are a great natural light option to artificial lighting solutions during the daytime.

Skylights are usually covered with translucent or transparent material to allow light to pass through, while also protecting from extreme weather conditions. A skylight is a great way to allow more light into your home through a flat or sloped window built into the roof structure for day lighting. Adding a skylight can almost immediately open up any room and make it lighter and brighter, adding a sunny, airy feeling.

Skylights come in many styles and designs. They can be rectangular, oval, triangular, or any odd shape and are perhaps the most beautiful way to enjoy the rain as you see it fall over your head. Windows cannot recreate the drama and magic that skylights can add to your house. Moreover, skylights will usually bring in more light than windows and are a great alternative to artificial lighting.

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